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Being 10 again..........

Im sitting here and you know wat ive got to say im glad that i am not 10 again in this day and age. Ten year olds are so complex these days. I mean its so weird from being boy crazy to just having emotional issues. their lives are being changed before being 16. thats the age that you are molded into a person. the things that happens to you and the things that you go through kinda makes you think why kids are the way they are? they are rude , selfishand they do things that we couldnt think or dream of doing at their ages. I guess they have that time and technology on their hands. So i think that it is my duty as a aunt, sister and a bestfriend as i am to all the lil bodies in the world to show them how life isnt all cracked up as they see on the Disney channel and things like. when you take a look in the mirror wat do you see? ( everyone who is reading this) I see that i wish that i lived 16 better but at the same time it makes me the jennifer everyone cares for that i dont see that they do.


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