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Ikea Nerd

Okay I have a confession to make. I love Ikea. I don’t know why. Maybe cus its huge and it has a lot of stuff I want to put into my apartment idk. Lol or maybe cus its from Sweden I love Swedish meatballs lol.and Belgium waffles. Oh that has nothing to do wit it sorry I just crave one rite now. ( Ihop has the best and the supermarket I go to does oh my I don’t like pancakes like dat but I can eat a Belgium waffle. )Maybe it’s a touch of both. Oh and there are two Ikeas well three like, the one is dc the new one in Brooklyn and the one is Maryland. Or forgot the jersey one .That’s the first one ive ever been to.
Well I get this cool email from a place named www.Apartment they have stores in dc, nyc, um San Francisco and somewhere else I forget. I love it so much! The nice man who writes the entries that will save my urban chic taste self saying a few emails ago that Ikea glasses break eventually. Yes * nods* I agree with him lol but I love them oh so ovalish and colorful! My best friends' mother would hate our house lol cus we are Ikea crazy lol neither of us would want to touch the stuff in the kitchen if we had one. I would be like um…
“how about take out?”
He would nod and say:
“ sounds good Ethiopian? Or Asian? Ot Tai?”
“shop at Ikea or not to shop at Ikea that is the question.”


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