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NYC Moment

I am having a moment. More of an moment of simple bliss. I am finally happy that I have even blog entries on both of my blogs. well now it changed it, but thats not the point!. I have to ramble I have to celebrate my 44th blog entry. I am kinda like spaced out while everyone is in the room.

I am listenin to Interpol I love them a lot they are from NYC yeah and I saw them they are like an Indie band. Yeah idk the defination of indie but in my book they rock. They are the kind of music that new york is about. The song im listenin to is from their first album "Turn on the Bright Lights" I love all of the songs lol rare.

My YAHOO! messenger keeps going in and out. My scrungie is too tight on my head giving me a headache. I dream of the upper east side, of the one ( s) I love and yes it is truely a NYC moment indeed. I wanna go back to Greenwich Village and like fall in love at the 24hr coffeehouse. I want to blog all of my issues away.

SO I will end this and say happy 44th to me. And I cant wait to say yay! to number 50. it will in the new year cant wait. I think im not ready for the new year and I will be havin the same problems but at the same time i will have different ways of dealing wit it i hope good i hope cus i enjoy havin these nyc moments.....


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