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Venting.......................and my Breakdown Pt 2

Here I go again ranting and venting and I think these topics i have every right to fuss calm though listenin to Jamiroquai "space cowboy" yes i have listened to it 454 times on my itunes lol. well here i go.


Okay we are "NOW" in a recession. what is that? better yet i have to step out my religion a bit and say what the hell is that.i mean come on! we have been since like ima be nice and say march of this year. Its funny how we are in one every yr. thats what the presd. in the 1920s early 30s messed up on. This cycle is suppose to help the economy but its hurtin it. Someone has to fix it, the average person including myself. I mean bail this out and that, if they werent allowed to get this bad then we wouldnt have this. or better yet if we had got it together that it was a recession sooner it could be help. hey thats just me. its common sense actually.Its a cycle that cant be broken if you sit and assume everything is ok. It pisses me off.

Stock Rallies

What makes me sick about stock rallies are that its based on emotions. yes it is idc who begs the differ but today is great a example. since about Wednesday of last week stocks have sored to record highs and blah blah and more blah. Now that mr.u noe who said there is a recession we had a record low today. Im like if traders arent sheep traders they are. ( look term up on im very pissed with this! i mean come on people if u like a stock and u threw ur money out, deal wit it,now if u sold short ( also look up that term if curious) like i did then okay we can all go out for drinks.( cosmo please) now on to the next topic.

Cell Phone Plans

Let me tell you what happened last night. I have automatic payments for my cell bill. I mean it isnt great to get those but at times there are exceptions. Also if you know you will not pay it or will forget and have a separate account like i do for those things then okay. Anyway im not goin to say my companies name cus im tryin to be a little rational, but I had to lower my plan because I was payin way too much for some mins. I mean its crazy! then I get roll over and they wanna try to take that! cus i lowered it they must be out their freakin mind! nah! i paid for this damn phone u better give me my roll over. Then mins fly like a mug for real if u have to talk to someone for lets say an hr. I tell you the truth I gotta get a job for my cell and gas then another for personal things i need ( keyword: need) Im telling u if i wasnt in love with technology ( and their stocks) I wouldnt have a cellphone.....jeez people these days I bet the CEO dont care he would if i talked to him....moving on...

College Class Expenses

Okay this one is crazy . I tried really hard in my accounting class. Yes it was horrible. I fail flat on my face. I mean I was so close to passin and the adverage dropped at the end. wat the hell! i am not only mad im broke! who got $1000 to take it over again! oh and ima go rant to my family btw i failed one of my accounting classes the first thing that will come out their mouth is " we told you it was hard try teaching" and this is what i cant say to them cus i am not rude to them lol " i am not changing a thing id rather quit or find an alternative than to go to something that isnt my love. At my age you do things and you work places that you dont like or do and at times you have mix emotions on. but that doesnt mean thats what you want to do for the rest of ur life!. and at the same time it isnt something you hate its just not your thing. its like the things you want its so hard to get because life has a way of stickin it to you. can i bounce back? idk kinda need some guidance.

Im truly havin issues in this one.


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