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Wedding taboo one

okay I got one for u, I have to tell you before this that omg I like weddings, not mine but I like them in general. Lol anyway I have to blog this cus I saw it and im like ima keep dis for far future reference, wat betta way to do it than to blog. Lol now a dress, I am into the less traditional looks and colors. I want a short to my knee dress ya noe? And I wanna wear rainboots yes rainboots lmao yeah I mean or I can have a puffy dress but still rainboots lol and I wouldn’t regret not havin it traditional one bit lmao yes isn’t it fun? Will any of my family look or read this? I doubt it lol but I noe im wearin rainboots and he can wear a vest and converses lol oh now that’s the hotness.


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