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Im sittin here tryin to get to my main screen and wat am i pressing? uve guessed it those three buttons that runs your life. control does so more. suppose ur cat named sasha lays on your laptop and falls alseep. you put her in her bed and long and behold she has turned your computer screen backwards. Instead of fallin out and crussin lol not that I did that I looked it up. its a geek website and i love it. i learned that control and the up arrow will bring it back and if you want to do it again use control and the arrows so thats what she did.

Another thing, im not a huge fan of Microsoft . I have one of the most distributing operation systems that piss me off on mine. Vista isnt pretty at all. My pookie ( mac) has two types of systems I want linx or unix ima ask a friend of mine would he do that for me hes very smart . lol gov employee indeed. u noe when i think about it i should blog about him. then it would never end i have so much to say its only one blog ya noe. but a quick shout out to him he noe i love him lol *waves* even though hes more stressin and annoyin that this ctrl, alt , del combination that isnt workin.

And that is my blog you folks lol


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