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Things ive seen about myself when others havent

At the end of the day, I feel and noe dat I've accomplished nothing. And there a few other things I've realized...

1. I think at times dat I'm afraid of my shadow, no one eles just mine who noes wat I can do.

2. I am quick to shun.It takes me once to get hurt to learn.

3.Bliss is hard for me to find, though I what I call bliss is very simple things.

4. I daydream too much, I guess I know it isn't happening.

5. Is too strong as a person at times, so much that people dnt realize that I am human I hurt.

6. Broken promises dnt sit well wit me, and tryin to redeem youself isn't makin me feel anymore fonder of u, if u can't keep it dnt make it.

7. My loneliness is different than the rest, I quickly get over it.

That shall end dis blog.


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