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Just another Saturday Morning.

Ohayou everyone!

How has your morning been? Fine for me I am sipping on Vietnamese coffee and just looking out the balcony. I got a nice morning phone call from a friend. Ha it made my day because I know it will be a long day. I have to say things like that makes me want to wake up in the morning. So tell me something, have you ever wanted to know what people thought of you? I mean both the good and bad. I guess it helps you see what others see on the outside.

So, yours truly asked a few friends that ive know for a while. I felt like if anything they will tell me something gud about me. I will start with the person I was on the phone wit. He said that I was 
" strong willed"  I just nodded lol maybe hes right. Another friend of mine went strait to me as an individual. He said the first thing that comes to mind is and i quote " my big boobs and nice eyes" i fell out but hey its better than saying that you dont like me ! lol The last two people said these two things. one said that I am " really caring and considerate towards others..when you want to be" and the last person says that im" wonderful and has a heart of gold."Im like ha that would be nice. but I wanna thank them for doing this for me! ( plus i promised to send them the blog) 

So to end this my fellow pipe urban dreamers, when you look out ur balcony listenin to "Death cab for cutie" with your cat and sipping on coffee think of me loves! and this was another unexplained thought..... 


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