Late nite confession

Afternoon all, I'm on the bus home. I'm so happy I got the early bus! I am so tired yet I'm happy. I guess this week has been something and its only wed. I wish I could explain, maybe if I talk to u one on one. Anyway, I took a friend out earlier this morning, like midnite . He is craming now as we speak. I feel bad because of yanking him from study and class, and making him get out. As I see and he admits, he doesn't get out much. U noe the people who r loud about stuff they have never seen? I hope he comes to at least respect dc more than he did. Dc has did nothing to him! Hey like I told him, no one is making u work here. At times I wonder if he ever hears himself talk? Cus at times he doesn't and he can get us shot lol. But I had fun . Even waiting for the train wit him was fun. I was like wow he thinks I'm pretty cus that's all he kept saying looking at me. Though the place wasn't open that I wanted to take him to, he still enjoyed where we went. I told him nyc is ten times as better and he laughed and said one day ima have to show him around. I'm like sure.

Another coffee confession


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