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Geeky+ Fashionable =A great equation for a lasting friendship and love

This is dedicated to a friend see all blue I love it! (shh im on a blogging roll let me ramble)

Anywho, I hope he gets to read it lol. So much so im emailing it to him! How do I know he reads it? He tells me about it lol or when I see him he comments on something I blogged or an outfit I am wearing in a blog. So this time dont fail me love, read it I said  I would be your personal fashion momma. *blows kiss* Let this blog begin!

He is worried. He wants a change. His hair has changed. Oh my. 
Those things , phrases scared me. B/C i felt as if he changed his out ward look that his personality would make another 360. He is an IT geek. What do they look like? Yes think lol Then I looked at it from an open-minded view. I have changed a lot in my outward appearance. It was a 360, but I am the same, just girlish  dressing.  So, he wants help, I got his help.I am beyond the magazines suggestions thought they are good . If you have a womens opinion here lets bring out the fashion knowledge. or at least what I find cute. 

Lets do a color change.....

There now. I was thinking maybe keeping him the way he is just have better looking cloths. You can  keep what you wear in this case b/c he doesn't bother shopping around. You have the money at least look like it , but not spend the money to look like it. Thats when I step in. Here are a few choices I think that will fit him and is what he wears just better clothing fabrics and styles. 

Choice one: Maybe you wanna look at the Latest Fashion Trends The man in the pic is cute! I love his outfit, as pointed out below the picture 

Choice two: He says he looks at GQ  mag  for advice . I think thats great if he just pick up an IT mag look at what they are wearing or what I the mags i read  like the new yorker or wall street business week.  but I think hes off to a good start. good pic! All he needs is a outline of the style "he likes" then I can work with him . Not what we all want what he sees as nice. I think I can work and feel better with that. 

Choice three: Go to the Websites not just mags to find inspirations. You can also to go stores and sorrwie when you first find your style you have to put effort to find it. It will take all day. So, with doing this, you will find what stores you will shop at. Most people have 1-3 stores they shop at on a regular bases when it comes to cloths shoes also. You have to be open-mined and have time to do such. 

In all, I feel as if this will be fun and we will both learn more about each other. Now , to book a time in our busy lives to do this. Any suggestions hunny? I know you will be amazed I took the time to blog of you.  Remember to stay cool, and geeky and remember who you are. And that I love you.

On to the next blog!!!

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Erika said…
Best friends and fashion are a fabulous mix!! :)
yes, yes it is thank you for the post!

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