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A just feeling

Ohayou my early morning groupies,

On my way to work, and I just started to think of what to blog about , so why not do it from my phone like I've done many times before?

It just all depends on what it is about and how much I type. Because I will type the whole time and not hear my stop lol. Or I may have to do research. But I'll give this one a try.

So, likey my picture? It is from the inside my grandmothers apartments' kitchen in the Bronx. Yeah it was a great view, I was on the phone and I'm like why not snap it while a best friend is talking. Lol ( though I heard him without putting the phone to my ear)

Anywhoo, how will your day go today? I feel as I am taking one step towards the right direction, but trying not to look back on several wrong directions that I was forced to go. Its more a just feeling of controlling where I wanna go you know?

Though I feel that this just feel crosses over into what this blog is really about: city life vs non city life and how many don't understand so they hate it. Maybe that is their just feeling on the matter.

I feel as if everyone needs a realization and a clarification on things. What sounds bad isn't really bad, its just not for you. But I feel that both need to be mixed around from time to time to be able to know how to cope with things.

You will not get anywhere staying in the same place all the time; then wonder why you are not going anywhere. Its like a trip of realizations to find a just feeling.

Deep thoughts I can't explain so early in the morning.

Maybe that's why my blogs are so special.

Alright fellow bloggers and as some friends wanna put it "bloggers in training"

Go think of an unexplained thought and tell me about it, in an email......I'll be sure to answer it.
Id rather be pipedreamin than sending this email via BlackBerry


Erika said…
You make a good point. Realization and clarification is a necessity sometimes - even if it brings things you would rather not know to the surface. :/

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