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A house is so not a home pt 1

Hi all!

Day 2 of my full blog week. This is about where i reside.

Well, I have to say its a nice house in Dc its just the people around aren't so welcoming because of how they veiw things. I tell u its just mind your own business and be aware of your surroundings. I must say a good thing is the view(next blog). its stunning. People ask the same questions. I stop them or say before they ask.
" yes ive seen the white house, walk past it all the time, it is small. have put my own to feet on the white house grass. I have seen the president. Its a bit like new york just not as vast and color blinded if u get what im saying. I like the bike share and the restaurants/lounges. i hate the drivers, bus and train cus the train is (excuse my french) ass backwards and doesnt run 24/7."

Enough Said.


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