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I your friend.....

Evening everyone!!

Ive been so busy! ah dont be mad ill be doing blogs all week to make up for my two week absence.Lets continue with this blog. Its kinda off the wall but its just a random thing that popped in my head lol. Here it goes.

I your friend will....

Try to be there in the best way i can.

Tell you things even if it hurts.

Accept your faults.

Not help you go the wrong direction in life.

Listen to you.


Be strait forward.

Be what you need not wat you want.

Be your friend.

Alright folks see u 2moro. Tell ur friend how much u care from time to time.


Rae_bella said…
You know how I don't like pictures, but for you Jen, you can take pictures. ^_^
ha thx. i love how u 2 in the pics commented. feel special u r.

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