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A calm wind minus the kimono on a not so great weekend

Morning all!,

After a very historic messed up weekend, I have a blog for u! I went to a revolving sushi bar with my niece the weekend and that was a great high lite of  my life. While sitting and waiting to grab  my "crunchy, spicy yellow tail and eel sushi roll" i glance over and see this sign about a cocktail with this liquor ive been wanted to taste. The name of the liquor, sake, soju and white is named 
TY KU. You will have to see and taste for yourself! i tell you it was the best thing ever!. I got the liquor it was mixed with gin and had dragon fruit in it. It was called " Geisha Paradise" I must have it now every time i go now, or where this is sold. Im so siked that they have it where I hang out at ! lol had to tell u about it. oh! theres the pic above!

Thanks to TY KU


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