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May Wants

Another blah post

Hi all!!!

Ive been so into my own world and im sorrwie i havent blogged...people,things,i think thats called life.

I think im sufferin from bloggers block.I hope the followin weekend i get to go out maybe treat myself.

what have u all been up to? me? everything,just at the end of the day i dnt wanna try.

Friday the 28th i went out had fun ,i think we all need a pick me up days would b less blah .

of the many drinks i had, i had a cosmo.....heres the pic, i promise to have more to say in the next blog.


Kyosuke said…
Yes a pick me up day is great,and please continue to have more,so we can read more,btw the cosmo looks epic in that picture,and so do your nails.

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