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To "Muggie" From her aunt. (me)

Happy Friday Everyone.

I usually dont do this. But I thought I should. (eh im broke its the best I can do right now) .....moving on....

This is for my niece. I call her muggie. Eh its an inside joke so I have to remember to call her name when im talking about her lol. She is on this blog. The huge pic on the front page of this is her and I. Today is a special day b/c the brat is 18.

Yeah. U noe i dont feel any older than I did when she was born. I am about 5 1/2 yrs older than her. But u would never noe. Shes taller than I and looks older than i lol. But shes a baby a big baby. I think I had to realize that she was growing up, and maybe I am also. It doesnt seem so but its true.

But I also realize that ive been there through it all. I dont even noe what to do for her. I would go to college wit her if i could, but i doubt she would want me there. Though we live like 25 min from each other it seems longer. Glad social networking and cell phones were invented u noe?

At the end of the day I dont have anything wonderful to say. I guess I did wat I could for her. I do wat I can. But I noe she had a great head on her shoulders. She may not look up to me but I hope she at least noe I did try to show her the best in things. 18 is a big number when u use to push them around in a stroller and help potty train them.....

So this is my post to her.

Here are pics of us over the almost 6 yrs we have been in the MD,DC area. Some are in NY , VA, NC we travel!

Have a great 4 day weekend!


Kyosuke said…
You're a wonderful aunt,and friend.You two in college together sounds like fun to me XD.

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