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Tofu Fries?

What a great cinco de mayo day!

Yes I said tofu fries. this is like a dedication to my cousin who i just found out eats tofu! too cool. so every thrusday ima try to remember this. lol i wanna do a fantastic food thrusday. I will use someones taste and try to relate and show u things that are good out of it and where to find the recipe or if its mine ill tell you that! wat do you think?

Well this one, is from and its from a show called "Every Day Exotic" and I saw it yesterday. He made a not so classic fish and chips and his milk shake was with soy milk also very good. Heres the link. Maybe ill ship some down to my cousin along witht his recipie he will love it.

Always remember to drain all the water out of soy products cus thats how its made. The tofu has to be as dry as possible so when coat it. If you dont want to use regular milk int he coating. Get regular soy milk not the one with the flavors. I know u will like it. Im doing it this weekend and ill have pics.

Have a fun cinco de mayo. im gonna get some guacamole and ceviche.

Heres the recipe


Kyosuke said…
Thanks abunch for the recipe,and the links.I'm taking notes.

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