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A mind blowing Bday.

Hey everyone So I just had my bday during the hurricane. lol Everyone is laughing about it because each year keeps getting interesting. It was saturday, and though we all were stuck up in a hotel. But some cool things happened while I was there, here are the pics.Hope you enjoy them. I feel like being smack dab in the middle of my twenties is somewat fun I guess. I need to be proud of something, I havent figured that out yet. Maybe ill get back to you on that one. I bought me something from the stores J Jill and Ann taylor Loft. And ofcourse sushi and procetto wine lovely right?. I looked back at it and saw that i see that I am growing up, I took the day and made it the best . I think the best thing was that we were invited to a wedding downstairs in the ballroom. So wonderful. I loved it. I got flowers. The late night conversations were another good thing i enjoyed. I wondered if the two of them had some wat of fun? I guess im too simple for them.
These are my friends. We went to an New Orleans restaurant , I had fun had alligator jambalaya and cajun hot wings lol
Me after the wedding, see even have a rose from it.
Here are the flowers! smelled so wonderful. I bring them home and my cat ate them lmao . She had a very nice wedding.
View from inside the Sheraton nice huh? all of Arlington, I was right by the pentagon. lol Hope you all where safe during the hurricane. Maybe next year ill do something that was planned out instead of it being canceled.....


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