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May Wants

Dreaming of Friday


So, did anyone hear about the snow? So funny because im hearing it now, and I am thinking about how fast summer flew past. I was completely confused. At least in March I get to relive that summer feeling again, in Miami. But in honor of the coming fall/winter, Here are some things I will most likely be getting.

A cool Organic tote

Work would never be the same with this boyfriend Jacket

Since it will snow i'll be warm in this Sleepware

I am sorry, had to throw this in lol its for Miami , a cute Dress

Lastly speaking of lounge wear, take a look at these. I ordered a catalog , I love ordering from Toast

So, what are you doing this weekend? My niece is coming from college (which isnt far lol) to spend time wit me im guessing. lol shes always out and about, this is why I love the age I live in, modern;very non traditional. xoxoxoxoxo


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