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Dreaming of Friday

This week has left me and im confused on where it went. I do not even remember Monday and Tuesday,and I sure do not know whats in stored for this weekend. I had a week off of school. I start back Wed. Which is the 9th what is going on? These last few months has flew. I simply can and will not try to keep up. So heres whats going on around the world in my eyes. What will you do this weekend?

I love Refinery 29,I always love the NYC edition, since im in DC they finally have an edition . I know ive been to every restaurant listed Here . Except 3. I should work for Refinery 29 DC.

I wasnt very fond of the nook until they made the application for Ipad and most importantly  for the PC. Now I can lend my friend books. He needs to start reading!!.(on the IPhone version, lol)

Found a skirt to add to my wool skirt collection. (very small one) its here at Anthpologie

I am currently going apartment hunting. With the help of a very good friend of mine, whos doing most of the foot work its coming closer to a reality. Sooooo, I found a nice blanket for my bed.

Oh and the Matress and Bed

What have you found interesting today? Until next week...

My wannabe mean Aybo-Li as a baby *snifs* im a good cat mom. lol


Sabrina said…
love the way you write.


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