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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone!

Just chilling. whats up w/you? Getting ready to leave the house for a couple of things then to my sis house . She lives across the world from me lol its 22 min driving and like a long time on the bus and train lol. KK lets get on w./the Blog. I found a few nice articles and clothing this week.Hope that you all enjoy. what are you doing this long weekend? Have a great weekend .

I just got a very big deal on an outfit at Anthropologie friday. I was soooo happy. I wish this cute jumpsuit would be on sale now. It will just have to wait.

I found a public pool!!!!! All hail the pool! well thanks to you know it was on my mind the whole weekend. good thing my sis has a pool in her complex lol.

drink guide that im taking with me this afternoon.

I am very happy because when I ever get married, this place in this article will help me wear my fav designers who are now hip to all size dresses. I hope the trend grows. I do not see myself going on a quick fast diet to get into a 12 that wont work lol.

Enjoy your long weekend


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