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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone

Ah I've been in pain these few days tooth and jaw issues again. It's like the dentist made it worse. But the power of amoxicillion lol. But I don't want to become immune to it.  Anyway I'm doing 100% better still have to reach 150% so im here on my tablet doing this so bare with me lol. So what are you doing this weekend? I was supposed to go have fun before  I'm outta town two three different states til September. Eh why qm I having a bad week and folks are not making it easier.  So I got some stuff from around the web. Enjoy!

You know I love nails lol. But I love gel nails more and the Japanese styles, what I was reading was my weekly updates of nail these are special Wedding nails almost makes me wanna get married Almost lol.

Up next, is an article I read hungry ugh can't wait to feel better. I've been to one of these places on the Hamburger Map

I'm don't like the show but I love the hair and wear it,  my mom always has because in New York City as she says Italians wear their hair like it and that's the neighborhood she was raised in. Check it out Jerseylicious hair

I just saw this video you will laugh I know I did. Wow its on 50 shades of grey I have to be the only girl who is oblivious to it and it doesn't interest me.

Last but not least is where im supposed to go Saturday if I do I'll do a post promise.  Take A look

Have a great weekend

Pic of chei he's eating my niece bowl of soup lol

P's yes my other niece loves one direction lol


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