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Dreaming of Fridays (Playing Catch Up

Hey everyone

Im here at home on the phone with my school because oh the long story i can tell you . Here is it very fast. I am a finance major. I am a double major. Ha apparently not! Im mad We will get this fixed. Moving sorrwie ive been neglecting you all. eh i have my writing block weeks though I have pictures then its vice versa when I dont have pictures but so much to say. So playing catch up as always and maybe ill add (if I do it on time) A music monday . Ill give you a track that I love on that Monday. Ill do that in the next post. So what did you do the weekend? The weekends before? uh mine wasnt so exciting maybe it will be in the coming weeks. So ive found a lot around the web im getting links from everywhere. Enjoy the rest of your week.

So Thursday the 6th isnt only Georgetown Fashion Night out its $1 Happy Hour at Pen Social which is a restaurant here in DC. Im suppose to be going.

I got a cute email on 15 Ways to eat eggs I love the Korean way and as soon as I get eggs i will let you know lol.

I must admit i need a new bed. But not until I get my own . But ill always have this site on 27 ways to rethink your bed

I thought this was funny too. I will post it on my coffee blog next on How not to order Espresso

If you like comics you will love this new Justice League Comic Cover Illustration i was just near the comic store and forgot to get it. Oh I will and take a pic that I did lol.

On to fashion finds

I was up last night looking at these nightware I am in love with the dark colored poppy gown

Oh you know I love Kate Spade

And Kate Spade purse the day I get one you will have to drag me away happy lol

I really love this Adele Inspired Wedding Wear ( and she looks so cute 8 months pregnant ! happy for her)

I found my few years into the future Wedding Dress. I am far from traditional so  I want something that fits like a dress and now they have it. I was so thinking into the future .

Isnt this suitcase adorable ? Look at the price! thats next on my list to get. I need a smaller suitcase for travel this fall.

I love when I see post from New York City, they should of been there taking pictures when I was there. I was adorable the whole time!!!!! Article

I love to dress up character wise. I have a few things I think I may need to get.
Sweet Lolita
Skirt One
Skirt Two

Well thats all for tody Ill see you in the next post! below a picture of food from my friends party! Its so good im still eating it from Saturday!


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