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Dreaming of Friday

Hey everyone how are you? I am wanting something a bit warming to wear these days lol anywhoo um what are you doing this weekend? I have car taxes due so Im a reck until I pay them. I hae no idea maybe go for coffee and chill I need to update my coffee blog and such. Until further a do heres my list for this week. 

So Jjill has this skirt its nice and simple and its on sale for $9.99!!! then i was like oh wait and clicked on womans because I need a 14W and the price went up to $15.99 omg. .........Look See if you click on misses then on woman big difference. why do they go up that much for??

I seem to love expensive things well stores but I will wait for like a secret sale like kate spade had this week 75% off or just go to the outlet (online) or final sale. I may not get everything I want but I come close. Here are few good sales for these wonderful stores. Some are on sale some are not close lol .

I would wear this Dress if it came in my size and if it wasnt so much money lol 

I also see a nice dress at Saks Fifth Ave now they on have Salon Z online at least they didnt close it smh. Heres the Dress i think im too short for it. 

Pants  like these are on my must have list....

Well thats all for now I will have a Monday one to make up!!! I hae a yummy pic bellow it was good lol though i ate half of mine, im not a heavy food eater .


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