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Dreaming of Fridays

Happy sales weekend!!!!!!
I have a treat for you ! I am going to throw in my black friday buys into what I found in the last two weeks! I cut my finger, so bare with me lol I almost killed myself lol . Anywho whatcha doing the weekend? I m just relaxing and catching up on work. Graduation will here soon. Are you ready? Miami Part 2. Now, heres whats around the web.

Messy Bun Anyone?

Black Friday pick one

I need a coat ,oh and its on sale


wedding dress I want too add to the list.

Speaking of Miami I read an article on Airport Security

New song obsession, the video on point also.

A new type of bra, it comes in my size....

Looking for my Black Friday pick two

until then, be safe shopping online lol and check out my coffee blog. oh and below the wine im addicted to. Ethiopian Honey wine


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