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Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edition)

Hey all, 

Hows your weekend? I hope all is well, what will you do for the remaining day and a half? Well heres thigns around the web that I hope you enjoy xoxoxo

ESTY Wants (Via Esty France)

Ballet Slippers


A lovely set made to order

Other Things I found (Via Food 52)

Vanilla Bean Chai

An Oyster Sampler im hinting for

Espresso Cups

Modern Mixology Kit

Other links 

Thanks to a fav blog named Anais Penelope I found a new shop to shop at named Violeta by Mango and Qui its all in french.

Miu Miu

The best article ive read in a while that agrees with exactly what I tell people I do to get to sleep


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