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A Kickstarter Conversation ( Via Coffee Confessionals)

I wanted to post this on this blog too. If you read my other blog which a lot of you do, I have coffee conversations. Just random things that arise while im at the coffeehosue speaking . It can be about my cat and her new toys or how much I have a new love for Agave! This one is by special request.

"So today I was conversing about start ups or as they say "kick starters" I have helped a few, from Dear Kates yoga pants ( very cool) to some others. I am currently looking at one as we speak so I have to get the basics to let everyone know. But today's highlight is from England, and I was asked personally to tell everyone about it!!!!!!. 

Flimsymoon  is their name and Lingerie is their game!!!. 

Every woman loves to wear these things whether its in the house our under our favorite clothing!! so I ran across this via another blog and fell in love!

What really catches my eye is that you can have it made to order, which is a heaven sent for moi! Not to mention the look of each item has such a whimsical effect  on me. 

The project have 21 days to go and she needs help!!!!! Please check out their Kickstarter  and donate and also spread the word!!! 

I have donated and I hope the little help I bring will help them with their project. 

Its hard out here in the business world, but if we help each other and show as much support as we can then we can start having the little things things that we have always dreamed of owning at great prices!!!

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Shes a doll and has allowed me to share this and pictures with you all!

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