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My first outing

Hi everyone,

I know I have been out, sorry I promise to catch up as soon as I catch up with my work. I promise! So, as you know I am in a new state for a few months (then going home) and I have not been out much. I have had a lot of rude people and I wish I could tell you all about it. But that would take too long so look at what I did the other day. The pictures below are from an outlet I went to! I had a ball at Off Saks Fifth, and Last Call Neiman Marcus. I am on a budget but I couldn't help the extra 40% it was calling my name. Oh did I mention there's a privately owned Sanrio store there? cute I did buy something out of there another post very soon I will show you. The total cost of my meal? : $14 and that's with tax!!!


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