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2014 Blog Roundup

Hey everyone,

I have to first say thank again for tuning in for year number 6 of this blog and I am just moving up in the world of sharing things with you, so lets go back and see my popular post during this year shall we? I will be out until the first of the year so I am knocking this out the way and wishing you all a safe end of the year Now without further ado, Here are a few interesting post from this year.

Remember that time when I went Gin Bottling ?

My Blog Anniversary Post

I did a lovely kickstarter post

One thing I did not put on this blog but on my other was me graduating again in Miami  at the beginning of this year. My next graduation is from my grad program at the end of next year. 

Thanks everyone for making this blog a success for six years. I cant wait for next year. 


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