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A pizza kind of day

Hi all

I am starting to see that the weekends will be the only time I will have for blogging. Do not worry things will change and maybe I can sneak one in during the week. Okay now to the title. So I decided that it would be cheaper to make pizza!! (plus I love to eat) So we made a ( get ready..) lamb, salami, hot artichokes and green onion pizza.With lots of cheese. Was it good? Yes it was! there is no more . One was round and kind of a deeper dish,and the other was rustic looking. See for yourself.

The ingredients ( I forgot to add the artichokes)

                                                   Salami   and green onions for the toppings
                                                                    The lamb and green onions

                                                       The rustic pizza

                                                                The ending prodcuts

A lovely thanks to Whole Foods Tempe for having some of my ingredients.


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