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May Wants

It was a smoothie day

So two weeks we went to a juice bar. Now back home I would be all over this, but I wasnt familiar with this place and yes I ordered the wrong thing. I know that kale and cumbers taste good bit this one had more than than that in it and I just dealt with it and drunk it because they were not really trying to allow me to exchange. Maybe I will stick with Starbucks and their smoothies. My niece drink was nice in color but she hated the taste. I think my sister was the only one who came out happy lol. Then we decided to have sushi to make us feel better. Boy, I cant wait to move home, I miss actually having a sushi collection and food selection. Until the weekend enjoy!


                                              Nekter Juice Bar

                                                            Tuna Sushi ( that mom liked btw)


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