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Cocktail Queen : Open Bar


Yes, I am like here to share a few drinks from my open bar adventure. I do have a few suggestions for the ones who are not used to having one of these in their grasp.

1. Drink strategically - Just because its all that you can drink does not mean you do not have to chose what to drink at what time, do not drink so heavy in the beginning.

2. Know your limit- Yes, we all have them, know it and be prepared to say no after your have reached it.

3. Tip the Bartender- Be courteous to them,  you never know what drink they have up their sleeve that they will make just for you( as you will see below)

4. Do not be afraid to just drink wine or beer- If liquor is not your thing ,stay with your beers or wine.

5. Drink responsibly- Be safe and have a safe way home or to your destination. Do not over drink to the point that you dislike alcohol.

 Now onto the drinks:

Scotch and ginger( I had two)
Gin n Tonic and coffee( bad mix do not judge)

                                                              My "mystery " made drink 
                                                                    Tequila Sunrise
                                                                 Vodka and Orange Juice
Tequila , Vodka and Orange juice.

So as you can see, I had a field day , but this all ranged over six hours. which I had water and some pain killers in the beginning (water throughout) I came out just fine the next day and drove four hours home. So tell me , based on the color of the "mystery drink" what do you think is in it?


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