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Meatless Day of the week Recipe: Pickled Daikon Radish

Hey all

For a quick disclosure, the series of blog posts are for people who as myself , picks a day that they prefer not to have meat. It is not necessarily vegetarian or vegan, just something different.

 At times its a side that can go with something meatless such as this featured recipe. I like it on whatever I can have it with. Pickled things are just great to eat alone for a snack. I took the basic steps from this lovely recipe, and added my own twist.

So this is the finished product above. I cut mine into bigger chunks due to the fact that I wanted to put it in soups and also eat as a snack for lunch.

 As you can see I started off with a very clean Daikon radish.

 Then in a pot I boiled rice vinegar, water, sugar and thai chilies with a pinch of salt. Until the sugar was dissolved. ( It said a cup of each)

I cut the radish up into chunks, again its whatever way you would like , and I added peppers to mine, some cut up and some whole. Then added the liquid along with the other chillies and closed it shut.

I let it sit for a few hours as I read below, then put it in the refrigerator.  I was told that it can last up to a month or so. Mine is spicy and very tangy, I went over the cup of vinegar on purpose.

Check out the cooking blog I got my idea from .


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