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Dreaming Of Fridays

Hey all

I am out of town for this long weekend starting tomorrow ( Friday) so this is bein done early and will be posted on time! How about that one ! Okay, its been a hectic week and I wanted to end it on a very informative and fun note, so enjoy the links below . 

$2 Ikea breakfast.

I just read this one about less nosey bars in DC

Though I wanted my child to be this breed, here are some facts about Main Coons 

Mariah I love her , what can I say?

Heard of Hidden Figures? Well check out this samurai one that if you know me peeked my interest. 

The cute step-by-step process on Vacying without kids ( ok not a word lol) Hey I think I will do one for pet parents. Very soon!

Last but not least, 10 best versions of Linux! BEST.ARTICLE.EVER! 

Until next time, dare I say next week, enjoy and check my other Blog.



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