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Happy Earth Day 2017 Edition

Happy Earth Day!!!!!!

Cali beach days

If you know me, it's a lovely rainy day and Earth Day is my day. Though I feel as earth day is every day and I thank god for all of his lovely creations, I still make sure that I do my part on making the earth a better place. Below, are ways that I help the environment around and outside of me. 

Plants, Mugs and Reusable Bags Oh My! 

"mae" My sisters' catus
A close up of her newest cactus 

Her Cati and Mug 
Replanting is a plus. It helps the plants stay alive and our air to stay more pure. 

Whole Foods & Starbucks
 How lovely are the tulips at the new Whole Foods on H street NE. 
Sustainable Coffee and Shopping bag Wholefoods
Having sustainable coffee and reusable bags are always a plus. I have so many I need to do a post on the different kinds lol 

I decided to bug my sis to replant her cactus because they need room and we need oxygen. I feel as having plants around do help clear the air and is a feel good feeling.


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