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Foodie Finds: Breakfast Endeavors

Hey everyone, 

If you know me, I love to eat. It's more of trying new things. Being a picky eater may not have as many limits as you think it does. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the new breakfast spot I found. I will post about the coffee pic description below on my Coffeehouse Confessionals Blog so check that out.  

The restaurant is a coffeehouse/eatery that is named The Wydown. There are two locations. The one that I decided to walk into is on H Street NE, Washington DC. It's exactly next to the new Whole Foods and across from the Starbucks. I juggle between the three depending on my mood for the day. But on this particular day, I was hungry and did not feel like paying $6 for two things ( another blog ) at Whole Foods. I also did not feel like eating Starbucks food that morning. So I had been eying the place and knew it from its other location. I walked in and saw the sandwich (best biscuit I have had in a while!) description and ordered it.

 They made it right then and there and it was the best tasting sandwich ever! Let me say that there was no meat on it! Egg, Arugula and this aioli sauce that I could not get enough of. It was worth the money and I felt full and satisfied. That's what you look for in food. Something that you can taste and is not the norm. If I lived at the Apollo condos attached to it I would be there every day. EVERYDAY. I will see you tomorrow Wydown you have stolen my noneating breakfast heart lol

ps. What do you think about this new series? Yes, I have so many I can't keep up lol . Hey this is why I have a lifestyle blog that is not organized and a very organized coffee blog lol


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