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Business Ventures: Small Business Expo

Hey everyone

I forgot to share with you not only my business but my new ventures. Exactly a month ago, I attended the Small Business Expo. If you do not know, I have a small consulting business, and my specialties are Small Business Tech and Set-Up.

I made a few connections and lots of info, apps, and locations that will help my small business along. Below I want to go over a few things about my business and feel free to check the site out either via the links throughout this post or in my menu bar on the blog. You can also see what kind of coffee I had when I was there!

  • Business Name: Jennlynn Consulting LLC
  • Age: Almost a year
  • Type of Business: Tech and Business firm
  • Employees: 2
  • Location(s) : Shared workspaces in NV, NYC, DC,PHL,TYO, HK,SKR,SGD
  • Website: 

    I can't wait for you all to visit my site and give me feedback!. I hope to share more business ventures with you. 


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