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Happy Adoption Month Tomo!

If you don't know by now, I am a cat mom.....

The days after first bringing her home 

Tomo in AZ

If you had told me that I would have become a cat mom again, I would have laughed 5 years ago. I was so heartbroken because of my other two cats that I knew that I would never have another cat.
What if I was not able to take care of it?
I love cats, my family loves cats, and I was raised with them, so I instantly felt sad, not having one.

Until one day at work.........

I had always delivered to this location, it was by
my new apartment. On that day standing next to
the mechanic was this little stingy black and white
oily kitten. I went off. They told me that she was left
by her mom and has been around for about a month. They knew I loved cats and asked me if
I wanted to take her home.

 But there was a small issue, my apartment didn't allow pets at the time. I pondered with the thought as I did deliveries and even told my boss. She was like go get her she looks so cute ( I took a pic)  Not everyone was supportive at first with her being with me, but that later changed.

I said if I am able to pick her up without her running I will keep her. So right before I got off work, my delivery was at the same location on my way in I went to the shop and saw her sleeping on a bed they had made for her. I took a deep breath and picked her up. She road with me home. I texted my mom that I had found a cat and sent her a pic. She named her Bella. I named her Tomo-Yu, so her name became Bella Tomo-Yu Sawyer.

I do not know what I would have done all of these years without her. We have traveled ( we are tomorrow) we had new family members, and she has been there through it all. I have never had a cat so smart before. She has her own personality, and she has a bear that she carries around when she is sad. (Tata, her Nana gave him to her) She is a huge part of our family, and I could not think of my life without her. The first week was hard but quickly that I realized that she was a blessing. She was what I needed. She will always be my furkid, and though I want no human children, I have a fur one that runs me crazy.

Video 5/23/2018
Shes five this year and this is her adoption month. I do not celebrate birthdays, so we decided to celebrate when I first found her.

 I Love you Bella-Tomo Yu my world would be nothing without you.

Forever and always,



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