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Cocktail Queen : New Brewery

Flight from Brick & Mortar Brewing
Hey everyone,

Okay, so I wanted to do a shout out to a new Brewery that I found visiting family. Its called Brick & Mortar Brewing. You know I am a sucker for distilleries and breweries and found this on accident. (isn't that how all great places are found?) I was taking my brother for a haircut and BAM! I look across the street and there it was. I went in and had to get a flight. I think my favorites are the Caffeine Capital and Sweet Cherry Pie. I think its 1 and 4 in the picture. I love them all to be honest lol.

Another fun fact, they have shows, food collabos and just plain fun. I really hope they are there to stay , so I am not as bored when I am down there. I will be a lot now lol I know what people will say, that this location is changing and it's not for everyone. You are correct it isn't. My family is not from there but we owned a lot of property there and in the past 13 years sold it. Its never going to be the same.

As I always say, when a Panera and Starbucks come into a neighborhood its a change happening. I hope they employee the residents here which some are family of mine. I want to see them prosper and continue to live in their owned homes and such. Their children to be able to live in a place they did not live and do well.

Sometimes we have to pick out the good out of all the bad, and if there isn't, we need to make it. Do you hear me DC? Harlem? Brooklyn?

Anyway a few facts I learned about this location

  • They opened not too long ago , about four months. 
  • Prices are affordable
  • They are closed Monday and Tuesday
  • They are in the heart of downtown Suffolk, Va
If you get a chance to visit , let me know how it goes. I plan on taking my brothers and cousins here. Everyone should have great tasting beer. 

These opinons are my own and I was not paid to do this post.


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