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What to pack for 2 weeks in Tokyo :Plus Size Edition

Two weeks in Tokyo: Packing Guide 

Everyone is sharing how they pack, what they pack and tips for packing. I will be very frank, I had the issues we all have with overpacking. For four day trip, I would pack for a few weeks. Then I was held up at the airport baggage check-in, and when I was hit with fees, I automatically realized that I didn't need everything I packed. Since I am a proud size 18/20 and the location  I am going to does not carry my size so, packing essential pieces are necessary. Let's start with my picks for carryons.

Next are the essentials that I take everywhere with me the. At times when you are traveling out of the country, things such as hair products, and other items are hard to find. Though my cure-all would be to wear braids lol. So let's focus on some other essentials since not  a huge jewelry wearier I will show some earrings  and my perfume. Simple isn’t it ?
Let's not forget about clothes. Many of the items that I want to bring are older but I have somethings up here that are similar or I already own. I know this is a huge list but note that I am only talking about a week worth of clothing for two weeks. I will be wearing them in different ways, and I hope to have a picture every day of what I wore. I am into K and J fashion aesthetics so I hope to make my own while I am there. Try to imagine what I would pair together.
Last are bags and shoes. I will have to pack two to three pairs depending on how heavy they are. I will wear one of the pair.
Bonus  is swim! There is a pool and such where I am going so I do need some swim. I think simply is the better I say.
So here is my list, it is subject to change, but I guess you will have to see lol


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