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Foodie Finds: Maketto

So I have made it a kind of ritual to get iced espresso a few times a week at Maketto. Its located on H Street NE and I have a few posts on these guys. If you follow my blogs Instagram, you will see me shouting them out a lot. I love that they like my pics. Thanks so much for being a positive part of the community here in DC. I am not a native but as New Yorker who craves spaces like so, its worth coming back and bringing friends and family. The pictures I have were just snaps I sent my family who cant wait to visit. I thought why not do a post, but anyway as I was saying......

Not only do they have coffee, but they also have Asian Fusion foods and drinks and not to mention clothes, self-merch, and even a Japanese Vending machine. Like its a taste of home without leaving the DMV. They also have a hand in the Line Hotel which I did a post on that too. ( have a look back at my posts.) If you are not into this scene definitely check it out. In the future, it would be nice to have a wedding party there ( they do weddings too) since I want my wedding in NYC. Anyway, I will be hitting them up tomorrow morning early. Did I mention they open 7am? You are welcome.

Seating when you walk in
Quad on ice

Quad Espresso, 5 spice Carrot Cake


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