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Hotel Love: The Line (DC)

The line outside

So I finally stayed at the Line Hotel. It was thanks to Mr  Mrs. Smith a third party that offers incentives for staying at hotels they pick out because of their inclusiveness. Remember when I went to the opening of the hotel? I finally put the gift cards to use, and I also want to shout them out for taking cats after I requested them to consider it! It actually states it on their website. Tomo will be visiting very soon. Though it was only overnight, it was the best stay. From the check in to the gift, I was thankful for the support and hospitality they gave. 

Room View 1
Room View 2

Bathroom view 1

Room view 3
Bathroom View 2
Closet view 1

In all, I have to say the best part was everything. The bed slept great, the robes were grand, the products were divine, the champagne was amazing, the room service was quick, the party that we RSVP for downstairs was fun and was so gracious on the food. We ate so much actually had dinner and midnight snack within the four hours we partied. The staff was amazing, I had a lovely umbrella escort to the side to check in. I do understand how hard it is to run a business, especially a customer satisfaction, and continuing to deal with people moods, and ways every day. I truly praise the team for doing just that. Keep up the good work, I will see you very soon with my cat. xx

* Disclaimer: I was not paid to give my opinions on the property, neither was I contacted to act on the behave of the company. This review is my own.*

PS. look at the bar! 


lauramichelle79 said…
This sounds like a great deal place to stay. Great review. And even though I don't have a cat any hotel that is pet friendly gets a big thumbs up from me
thanks so much laura for visiting! yes they are super dog-friendly too.

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