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Fashion Finds: #fittothrive : Dia & Co Campaign

Hey everyone

If you are in my small group of known people, then the movement is something that I do without even thinking. I will say that there are days that I am like "it's too hot" or "I am not motivated" but take a look at what I am saying this to. I call it "Jennifers Everyday Movement struggles."

This includes......

  • Running to the train, bus anything that is leaving me and causing me to be late. 
  • Walking up steep hills or commuting via metro and bus while shopping. 
  • Carrying half my body weight up the stairs to my apartment ( kitty litter is heavy I prefer Amazon to do it) 
  • Raving or Dj gigs. 
On the other hand, I do have days that I want to be inside the normal movement box and will try to do
  • Yoga
  • Dance Class
  • Water exercise
  • Cycling
  • Barre( I will be trying soon)
  • Hot yoga
  • Aerial Yoga
Which brings me to my main goal of this post, being able to feature some of this blog on the Dia & Co National Facebook page, to not only motivate me but others to move in some sort of way. This not only helps with your mood but with your overall health. I think this is the many ways of showing self-love.

Dia & Co Campaign is #fittothrive, and their announcement not so long ago was "Dia&Co Active provides our community one-stop access to hundreds of unique styles built to support all the ways you move." (Dia &Co, 2018)  

Their new active box is now live, and you can sign up here.  I have, and mine will be shipped out next week. I promise to show you what I decided to keep. 

If you are not familiar with Dia, allow me to explain. They are plus size clothing subscription service. It features real stylist who tries their best to send you five items that will either help build a new wardrobe, add to an existing or help get you out of your styling runt or comfort zone. The active line is an addition to their commitment to helping many women in need of a wardrobe change. 


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