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Foodie Finds: Mint Lemonade @ Le Pain Quotidien

Today's foodie find is from a fav French bakery of mine. Le Pain Quotidien!!  Its also not food its a drink! so here are the deets below. Before I go on, a special thanks to them for having this item on the app for free. I always end up ordering things when I get to try it! Now I will order it in the summer along with my avocado toast that I am obsessed with!

Location: Union Station DC
Item: Mint Lemonade
Verdict: I am not into mint on a daily basis, but I do love the tangy mix of lemonade and mint. A must-have during this summer. So refreshing.

So the next time you are here, let's go have some avocado toast and mint lemonade.

* This was not a paid post. All opinions are my own. * 


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